We Ask...

The city to not pass a mandate that harms citizens through displacement and bankruptcy.

  • Private Buildings remain in the Code - Improve, Incentivize and Implement.
  • No broad-brush approach. Set buildings up for success, not failure.

We Are...

Small business owners, artists, renters, musicians, building owners and parents. We are your neighbors. We’re real people with grave concerns for the future of Portland. These buildings are the cornerstones of Portland’s neighborhoods and main streets. They provide affordability for both residents and small businesses.

We strongly feel the full community has not been represented in the process or been heard.  There is no representation of small building owners on city committees. Building owner concerns have been dismissed and when asked, "what if owners cannot afford the retrofits?" the answer, "you will have to sell or demolish" ... Please help us keep Portland from being further demolished.

We Support...

  • A city-wide resilience plan.
  • A plan for an early warning system, gas valves, bridges and fuel tanks.
  • Prioritizing schools, community centers and critical buildings.
  • Funding for upgrades that does not defund schools and public programs.
  • More innovative and cost effective alternatives.
  • Title 24.85 with incentives for privately owned buildings.

We Find...

  • The mandate will erase much of Portland's historic character through demolitions.
  • Building owners who cannot afford the mandate will lose their property to developers.
  • The mandate will cause thousands of displacements without financial relocation aid.
  • This mandate will demolish more of Portland than an earthquake.
  • The mandate is broad-brush and sets building owners up for failure.
  • The mandate is a regressive policy

We Expect...

Portland to do better!




The City of Portland published a list of 1,640 URM (unreinforced masonry) buildings on May 2, 2016. The city is now proposing a retrofit mandate for these buildings at a last estimated cost of $1.4 Billion. 

These buildings are in full compliance. The proposed mandate changes that. Many owners do not know the mandate is being considered. A mandate without a plan or safety-net will force sales, demolitions and bankruptcies. Residents and small businesses will be displaced. It is our mission to work with the City of Portland for an amendable and innovative solution.

Our concerns with the mandate as written:

  • No plan for 7,000 units (1,800 low-income housing).
  • No plan for 1,415 small commercial buildings.
  • No plan for 45 schools and 35 churches.
  • No plan for displaced tenants.
  • No plan for displaced small businesses.
  • No plan for increased rents.
  • No plan for protecting and preserving "Main Streets."
  • No plan for certification, licensing or oversight for seismic contractors.