We are a grass roots, all volunteer group made up of individuals and families who are asking city leaders to listen and work with the community for an equitable solution to improve resiliency without negatively impacting our communities through demolitions, displacements and loss of affordable rent.


  • Council voted to advance the process to implement a mandate within one year.
  • Mayor Wheeler put forth an amendment to form a URM Work Group to find funding, decide on retrofit levels, timelines and implementation. The promise is that the URM Work Group will include all those affected by this mandate.
  • In tandem, the City Bureaus will develop the mandate code and close loopholes to current codes.
  • The Council approved negative placarding for URMs.
  • Representatives from the African American community testified that they were not informed about the pending mandate and were not invited to the table. They have committed to stand with us to preserve ALL the buildings on the list (not just churches) as the demolition of these buildings affects the entire community. See video of their inspirational and truthful testimonials below.
  • This is a Win/Loss: 
    Win - We had an impact and shined light on the issues. We exposed the committees conflicts of interest, false cost estimates, the inaccurate list, the lack of representation and no community outreach.
    Loss - They advanced the mandate without funding and a plan in place. Negative placarding was unanimously voted down by the city's policy committee.


Thank you to all who came to the Council meeting especially the representatives from African American churches who gave direct and compelling testimonies.

We are proud to stand together in this fight to preserve the very heart of our communities, our churches of worship, our meeting places, our community centers, our start-ups, our music venues, our restaurants/pubs and our “Main Streets.” This is an assault on the very soul of Portland.
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The City of Portland published a list of 1,640 URM buildings in 2016. 93% of the buildings are 1-3 story. The city owns over 80 of these buildings that have not been retrofitted. There are 1,415 commercial buildings, 45 schools and 35 churches and 7,000 residential units. These buildings are in full code compliance. The proposed mandate changes that. There is no plan or safety-net.  A mandate without a plan or safety-net will force sales and demolitions.