The proposal of new committees are merely "window dressing" as they have embedded in the Placard "contract" they plan to force building owners to sign an encumbrance on the titles that cannot be removed unless FULL RETROFITS are done. This burden transfers on the deed. This could breach encumbrance clauses in mortgages. Redlining of the title and deed is the death sentence on the buildings.

None of this was in the ordinance or discussed. The document (link below) was buried in an email sent out to "interested parties" by BDS at 5pm on December 14th. The City wants the public to think the community is just upset about a "sign" while they're literally removing all the equity from most buildings and encouraging demolition of the brick buildings.

The City of Portland is currently embroiled in controversy and scandal surrounding an unauthorized attempt by the Bureau of Development Services to attach a deed restriction encumbrance to the titles of UnReinforced Masonry buildings on an unverified and unscientific list. For more information on the controversy, see a recent Press Release issued by a Coalition led by the Portland NAACP.




We join and support the call by the NAACP-Portland Chapter to repeal the entire placard ordinance passed on Oct. 10, 2018.

The ordinance is in direct conflict of the unanimous vote to not mandate involuntary placards by the City’s Advisory Committee. The ordinance failed due process by not notifying affected parties. It had no support from the committee, was staff-driven, and lacks community input and support.

In addition, we ask that the process be stopped until all stakeholders can be brought to the table to find resolution to a flawed database and a process that included numerous unethical and dishonest tactics by city staff. These claims are witnessed and documented through public record requests.

The public has lost all trust.

We ask for repeal of the full ordinance, to stop the process and to resolve grievances and issues by meeting with Save Portland Building leaders with the goal of rebuilding trust and an amicable path forward.

Portland can do better.




Save Portland Buildings is a grassroots, volunteer group made up of individuals and families. We’re asking city leaders to both listen and work with community housing and business owners, commercial and residential tenants and citizens for equitable, feasible and tenant-focused solutions.


  • 7,000 Residential Units (1,800 City Funded Low-Income)

  • 1,415 Commercial Main Street Buildings (1,000's of Small Businesses)

  • 43 Portland Public Schools

  • 38 Churches



The City of Portland to update Title 24.85 of the Code. To listen to those who will be impacted. To understand that each building is unique and each owner has a unique financial situation. That "Mom and Pop" businesses and building owners do not have the ability to borrow or the capacity for hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

To address each building individually and abandon this broad-brushed mandate that has no plan, funding or implementation that will result in the demolition of our beloved buildings.