Thank you to all those who testified
at the Council Meeting.

The testimonies were heartfelt, honest and put a face to the community that will be affected by this mandate. 
For those who were not able to attend, here is the link (Time Stamp: 2:50:29).

We are individuals and families who are asking city leaders to slow down, listen and work with the community to save Portland's beloved buildings.


  • No vote until June 13
  • New committee being formed by the City
  • They heard us—the estimates for retrofitting are higher than the costs committee had supplied to the Mayor and Commissioners
  • Class 3 and 4 buildings are on the table to study for a year as well as whether (or when) they might add walls to floors

Please Send In Testimony TODAY - If you had to leave, were turned awayGo to TAKE ACTION tab for email addresses.

  • State if you had to leave due to 2 hour city presentation or were turned away
  • Class 3 and 4 buildings should be taken off the table and studied more (the Nick Fish amendment)
  • Financial incentives and funding within 24.85 of the code will work
  • Link your failure without funding with what will happen in the "domino effect" to your family, business, tenants, community


The City of Portland published a list of 1,640 URM (unreinforced masonry) buildings on May 2, 2016. The city is now proposing a retrofit mandate for these buildings at a last estimated cost of $1.4 Billion. 

These buildings are in full compliance. The proposed mandate changes that. Many owners do not know the mandate is being considered. A mandate without a plan or safety-net will force sales, demolitions and bankruptcies. Residents and small businesses will be displaced. It is our mission to work with the City of Portland for an amendable and innovative solution.

Our concerns with the mandate as written:

  • No plan for 7,000 units (1,800 low-income housing).
  • No plan for 1,415 small commercial buildings.
  • No plan for 45 schools and 35 churches.
  • No plan for displaced tenants.
  • No plan for displaced small businesses.
  • No plan for increased rents.
  • No plan for protecting and preserving "Main Streets."
  • No plan for certification, licensing or oversight for seismic contractors.



Your Voice Is Needed

The City of Portland has failed to include the community in this decision. We strongly feel that Portlanders are not aware that these historic buildings are at risk of being erased forever.